OACP Certificate Re-Testing (Returning 2020 Applicants only)

$250.00 Price excluding taxes


Applicants can commence this package once their certificate has passed the 10 month period.

Below is the package information for returning applicants. This package contains less information and less requirements from the full OACP Package in order to appropriately streamline your new re-certification.

By purchasing this package, you will be voiding your extension granted by the OACP for an additional 6 months from your previous certificate. For more information, please contact our support team.

This package is not applicable to applicants who recently had their ATS certificate expire.

OACP Certificate Re-Testing Fee

If you are commencing this process to become a police officer, (before you proceed) please ensure you understand the credentials and meet the requirements outlined in the “Become A Police Officer” tab.

This package is also valid for special constables and other justice practitioners.

If you are commencing this process to become a special constable, please note the medical examination package and fitness log might not be applicable to you. Please ensure you check with the law enforcement agency you choose to apply to prior to completing those sections. **Not all special constable agencies require an OACP Certificate.

If you have any hesitation or unanswered questions about the OACP Certificate process, please ensure you read our Frequently Asked Questions page located on the home page or footer before proceeding to purchase this certificate.


All applicants are eligible for a full refund as long as they have not conducted either exams and are within 180 days of the purchase date.