Becoming a Special Constable

Special Constables/Justice Practitioners

In the Province of Ontario, Special Constables are an integral part of Ontario’s web of community safety. As a Special Constable, you are appointed with the same powers as a police officer under the Police Services Act depending on your function and role in the community. Although you are provided with the same powers as a Police Constable, the powers and limitations are outlined within your independent role. There are currently more than 3,000 Special Constables in the Province of Ontario, all of whom have many different and important functions that contribute to public safety. Some of these roles include:

  • University Campus Safety
  • Public Transportation Safety
  • Municipal Community Housing Safety
  • Intergovernmental Services
  • Police support that includes but is not limited to court security and offender transport.

Please note that the application process for Special Constables and justice practitioners is the same as that for Police Constable. Be sure to check with the agency that you choose to apply to on whether or not you are required to complete the fitness log and medical examination. You may be exempted.

Some Special Constable and justice practitioner agencies do not require an OACP Certificate. Please ensure you check with the agency you choose to apply to if the OACP Certificate is a pre-requisite.