Physical Preparation

Different Physical Assessments Throughout Hiring

During your hiring process, you may encounter a physical fitness stage where you will be assessed and required to meet the provincial fitness standards. An applicants level of fitness is measured using one of two commonly used fitness assessments. These assessments are:

Police Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police (P.R.E.P.)

20 Metre Leger Aerobic Shuttle Run

We have provided videos below to illustrate how these fitness assessments are administered. Each video is delivered by a Police Service and provides a thorough breakdown of each assessment. Kindly note that some of these videos may be outdated and their respective Police Service may no longer use the same assessment. The information provided below is to help you prepare for your future physical assessment once you are within the police recruitment process. You are provided one opportunity to pass the assessment, please ensure you utilize all resources available and physically prepare as all unsuccessful applicants will be screened out of the process. We strongly recommend attending any practice sessions a police service offers you.

Ontario Police College Physical Assessment

Upon receiving a conditional offer after successfully passing all stages within Constable Selection Process, all cadets will be required to undergo rigorous training and assessments at the Ontario Police College. One of those assessments is the PREP physical component (Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police). All Cadets will be required to pass the PREP assessment once enrolled in the Basic Constable Training Program at the Ontario Police College. Kindly note that the P.R.E.P assessment is made up of two components: the pursuit/restraint circuit and the 20 metre leger shuttle run. It is the responsibility of the cadet to ensure that they are adequately prepared prior to arriving to the Ontario Police College. It is with the utmost importance applicants start mentally and physically preparing for the PREP assessment at the beginning of the Constable Selection System.

PREP (Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police) Assessment

Pursuit/Restraint Circuit

20 Metre Leger Aerobic Shuttle Run
Police Fitness PIN
Ontario Police Fitness Award (OPFA) Pin Program

The Ontario Police Fitness Award (OPFA) Pin Program is a provincial incentive program designed and developed by the Police Fitness Personnel of Ontario (PFPO) to motivate Ontario police officers and police civilian employees to remain physically fit throughout their entire careers. The OPFA Pin Program acknowledges that in the policing profession, physical skills and abilities are important job prerequisites. Currently, applicants to police services are required to successfully complete a PREP test or Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police.  This test is then required again during Basic Constable training at the Ontario Police College. However, once the recruit returns to his or her respective police service, to begin policing in the community, the responsibility for maintaining an adequate level of fitness to be fit for duty, is on the individual’s shoulders.  Many police services recognize the challenges this can present and will offer incentives to officers and civilians, for completing or attempting the Ontario Police Fitness Award. To learn more about the PFPO and the OFPA initiative, you can visit their website by clicking here.

Advanced Physical Readiness for Tactical Specializations

Many Police Services within Ontario have a branch dedicated to emergency tactical response teams on stand-by 24/7. Participating in Tactical Officer screening typically entails several qualifications in order to apply. A high level of physical strength and cardiovascular ability is expected upon application which is only 5 years after uniformed Police duty. See the videos below to understand how important it is to maintain an elite level of physical fitness in order to apply for these tactical specializations.