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Below you will find the package where you can obtain your OACP Certificate to commence the pre-screening as a police constable or a special constable. Please ensure you read the entire description outlined in the product.

Once you have paid the fee and commenced your pre-screening package, you will receive an email providing you with instructions on what to do in Part A.

Proctoring Notice

Please note, both Part B and Part C assessments will be administered in a proctored environment. When you are emailed your test codes, you will be provided a link from ProctorFree to initialize your web-camera. If you do not have a web-camera or do not have access to a web-camera, you may be asked to attend a location to be proctored by a representative.

Please refer to the Terms of Service Page for legal context.

If you are having technical difficulties with the proctoring service, please contact: [email protected]

For system requirements to conduct proctoring services, please refer to the following page:

Which Package Applies to Me?

TNT and OACP are actively working towards creating different packages to better help our applicants become streamlined in the hiring process. Below we have illustrated each of the three packages which will help you identify which process you should be pursuing.

OACP Certificate Package (For New Applicants)

This entry package is for new applicants only. If you have not conducted the OACP Certificate process prior to January 2020, we ask that you pursue this package as it will provide you with all of the information you need to help you get ready for a career in Policing!

OACP Re-Testing (Returning Applicants from 2020)

This package is for returning applicants who past the 10-month period only. The Re-testing package is similar to the new package however it allows us to re-open your file to expedite your process. This package will help you carry your previous certificate number over and focus on only the important information you need to re-enter the hiring process. Please note, this is not applicable for ATS issued certificate holders.

OACP Certificate Equivalency Package

This package is for applicants who currently have an OACP Equivalency certificate with only one component expired. The OACP will continue to honour applicants who have a partially issued or completed ATS certificate for the remainder of 2021. In the event all of your components are expired, we ask that you pursue a full OACP Certificate for new applicants.

Notice for (valid) ATS Certificate Holders

For all applicants who currently hold an expired ATS certificate and have not conducted any testing as of 2020 or 2021, you will be required to obtain a OACP Certificate Package for new applicants. This package contains a number of informative documents that can help you with the policing process as well as updates to the current standards.

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OACP Certificate

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OACP Certificate Re-Testing (Returning 2020 Applicants only)

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OACP Equivalency

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