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Obtain Your OACP Certificate Here

Below you will find the package where you can obtain your OACP Certificate to commence the pre-screening as a police constable or a special constable. Please ensure you read the entire description outlined in the product.

Once you have paid the fee and commenced your pre-screening package, you will receive an email providing you with instructions on what to do in Part A.

Proctoring Notice

Please note, both Part B and Part C assessments will be administered in a proctored environment. When you are emailed your test codes, you will be provided a link from ProctorFree to initialize your web-camera. If you do not have a web-camera or do not have access to a web-camera, you may be asked to attend a location to be proctored by a representative.

Please refer to the Terms of Service Page for legal context.

If you are having technical difficulties with the proctoring service, please contact:

For system requirements to conduct proctoring services, please refer to the following page:

Rules of Examination

You as the applicant are required to complete the Part B and Part C in an ethical and honest manner.

Rules of Engagement:

  • You are to conduct the testing alone and without any assistance.
  • You are not to use a cell-phone or any other handheld electronic device during the examination.
  • You are required to produce a piece of valid I.D. to ensure you are the test-taker named on the OACP Certificate (ProctorFree requires you to produce an ID and hold directly in front of the web-camera)
  • You are not to take photos or write-down any testing questions for yourself, another person or for financial gain (you may be held civilly liable by the third-party test administrators.

If you do not abide by these terms and conditions, your OACP Certificate shall be terminated and you will be required to start the OACP Certificate process again. In the event you are caught breaching of one of these terms, the Police Services will be made aware of the breach once your file has been requested. 

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